COMMENTS: Thank you for helping find family. Herbert (Rupert) Cleveland Gilker was my great grandfather. He mariied Stella Peters in 1902 and had 5 children; James, Edna, Robert, June and Margret. James Clifford was my grandfater. He went by Cliff and had two children Richard and Diane.


RESEARCHING: Matway, Kempffer

COMMENTS: Looks really good, Great Info, Thank you.

Patrick J. Matway:


COMMENTS: I would like to say thank you for all the effort you have put into this website. My great grandfather told my father that it was his job to find out our family history. And now it is my turn. So thank you so very much.

Caitlyn Downs:


COMMENTS: Very nice site. My Mother was Shirley May McPherson. McPherson came from Dundee, Scotland to New York, through the Great Lakes to just south of Madison, WI where some of the Kempffer's settled and married a McPherson. This jourmey is documented in a family diary.

William N. Mansur:


COMMENTS: Hi there I came across this site on a whim and noticed you have NY great grandfather Roderick Eden and my Grandfather Whawall (Red) Eden listed... My mother & I are extremely happy to find your site and thank you for what you've done here :) this has helped me tremendously in my search for my family tree Thank You!

Tamara Eden:


COMMENTS: Since 2010 I've been "Retracing The Journey of My Australian Caldwell Descendants" from Sydney, NSW, AUST. where my g/g/g-f Charles Campbell C. m. 1842 Margaret Jane Symington; back across to New Carlisle, Qc, CAN. where Charles Campbell C. was b.1812; down to White Ck/New Perth, Albany Co. then Charlotte Co. now Washington Co. NYS. where my g/g/g/g-f John Todd C. & my g/g/g/g/g-f Robert C. UEL lived, farmed & fought from ca.1766-1777; across to Co. Antrim, Nthn Ireland where Robert and Sarah H. Todd were 1735 & 1740 respectively, 1760 & migrated from in 1761 to the USA; and maybe end my research journey in Scotland if I can overcome my "brickwall" of finding the names of Robert & Sarah's parents, grandparents etc, for the  sake of my adult kids, as I'm obviously running out of time due to being a later starter to this genealogical caper and before I fall off "my perch",

Bob Caldwell:

RESEARCHING: Duguay, Ahier, Chedore, Acteson and many others

COMMENTS: Excellent site. I am the grandson of Charles Alfred Duguay (1872)

Gary Duguay:


COMMENTS: Hi John great site ... really helped with expanding info on my family. One correction you have my grandfather listed as Walter Gerald Thompson (Joseph W. Thompson + Ada Ross's eldest son) in fact his name was Walter Harold Thompson (b.1891 - d.1970 Quebec City) he was married to Flora Murray of Paspebiac and had 2 sons, Joseph Paul Thompson (my Dad) & William Thompson both deceased.

Patrick Thompson:


COMMENTS: I was looking around for information on the Volaine Troupe. Some interesting stuff. I am Edward Volaine's granddaughter and I see him every few weeks. He has the strap that failed to hold his Father. I have not seen it. Awesome photos and information!!!!!

Adrienne Volaine:


COMMENTS: I am the granddaughter of Clifton Duguay (1915) whom you have listed on your site.  I am the daughter of David Raymond Duguay.  I can offer you several more family members to Clifton, including siblings(which you have in accuracy of), marriage, death, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and even great-great grandchildren.

Shirley-Ann Duguay:


COMMENTS: Maybe I can add some info to the Smollett family tree.

Barry Smollett:

RESEARCHING: Brislan, Glenn, Sabourin, Valcour, McReynolds, Kehoe, Judges, Cullen, Lafleur.

COMMENTS: Great site! My gggrandmother was Sophia Sabourin (1827-1918) married to John Brislan (1825-1901) . I have more information on that family should you be interested. Cheers, JoAnn

Joann Brislan:

RESEARCHING: Dobson & Lenfestey

COMMENTS: Thanks for your site. Helped clear some things up for me! - Gregg (in Toronto)

Gregg Loane:

RESEARCHING: Renouf, Sawyer, Gallon, Marcoux

COMMENTS: I find your site very very very interesting. Keep up the good work John.....Robert

Robert Renouf:


COMMENTS: It seems that our branch of the family are not in your genealogy. My father Howard Kempffer was born in Two Harbors, MN February 1897. I was born in Two Harbors, MN Sept. 1931 and currentley reside there with my wife, many extended family and children near by.

Folyd "Babe" Kempffer:


COMMENTS: I was wanting to see if I could find anything out about myself and stumbles on this site. My name is spelled wrong by the way, hahaha lol no big deal. I found that all the info on my family is correct!

Marisa Renouf:


COMMENTS: Just wanted to let you know about some additions to our part of the family tree. I have information of births, marriages, deaths to send. This would be part of the Kenneth Kempffer family tree. What email address would you like the information sent to?

Marsha Anderson:

RESEARCHING: Allen Law b1788 Belfast, Ireland

COMMENTS: gggrandfather

Bruce Law:

RESEARCHING: Sinclair, Campbell, Tozer, Casey, Kerr, Woodman, Renouf, Ross, Thompson, Law, McRae, Coull, Huntington, Chatterton, Smith.

COMMENTS: Keith Sinclair, 64 rs., live near Peterborough, Ontario, born in New Carlisle, Mother Alice Maude Ross 1906 daughter of Andrew Ander Ross and Margaret Minnie Thompson of New Carlisle, Father Robert HAYWARD Sinclair son of William Allan Sinclair and Emma Knight

Keith Sinclair:

RESEARCHING: Andre Kempffer

COMMENTS: Merci Beaucoup its a beautiful site.

Nancy Kempffer:


COMMENTS: Amazing info maybe I'm famous too.

Dan Lackie:


COMMENTS: have really done a lot of work since you started!!! Let me know if you come across any Butts in your family travels!!! Should I be so lucky! :)

Tara Butts:


COMMENTS: Hi John, I am Harold's son.

Patrick Kempffer:



Raphaelle Kempffer:

RESEARCHING: Just taking it all in!

COMMENTS: You've made the world a smaller place for a whole bunch of folks. It is an amazing amount of data to take in and growing every day. How do you find the time?

Paul Kempffer:

RESEARCHING: Kempffer, Currer, Sears

COMMENTS: I'm absolutely stunned by the enormous amount of work that has been accomplished here. What an amazing effort!

Doug Currer:

RESEARCHING: Eva Jane Kampffer

COMMENTS: Wonderful site. I did find my grandmother was a child of Henry N. She was put up foradoption, Born 1878.

Pat ?:


COMMENTS: Hey Brother, love this site. It makes for some very interesting reading. Keep up the great work on it. Love ya. Lu.

Lucy Eriksen nee Kempffer: olec@worldnet.att.nett


COMMENTS: Great site. Thanks for your hard work.

Aaron Rylance:


COMMENTS: How is the Kempffer House in New Carlilse coming along? It was my grandfathers birthplace, Alvin Kempffer who later married Amanda Louise MacKenzie and moved to the Eastern Townships and resided in the Laurentians to finally retire and was buried in Ste-

Louise Kempffer:


COMMENTS: I recieved your web site from cousin Trevor Hamilton this morning. I was interested in the Kempffer House. The one shown is not the house I took music lessons in. However, this house was occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Allen in my childhood days. Mr. Allen was a rai

Barbara Hamilton Merrick:

RESEARCHING: Godovitz, Volaine and anybody else on my Mom's side.

COMMENTS: Hey John....your doing really great on the family tree...I will have new pics of Mom and me soon....Thanks for all the help b4 John (Shirley Ann Volaine's daughter)- Michelle Templeton.

Michelle Templeton:


COMMENTS: Very nice site. Thank you for all your hard work! I am very interested to learn if everything has a source for your information and is verified that you list in your tree. I am most interested in the following page of your genealogy noted below, I'm se

S. Hoard:

RESEARCHING: Godovitz, Soloduik, Travers, Beebe, Huntington, Caldwell, Walker

COMMENTS: I was drawn to this site while researching my boyfriend's family and ironically ended up finding more of my own. Out branches interwine in the distant past through a grand aunt of his. More branches for my family tree... Yipee!!

Mellissa McGean:

RESEARCHING: GASPE: Ahier, Beebe, Brotherton, Chatterton, Chedore, Flowers, Secord. LENNOXVILLE: Maskrey

COMMENTS: Thank you for this wonderful site and you have always been so helpful to me when I was starting out.

Susan Sylke:


COMMENTS: Great job John!!! The site is looking great. Hope all of the family is doing good, for those I haven't seen in a few years, Anyways keep going on the site John. Nobody can do this like you have.

Michelle Templeton:

RESEARCHING: Andrus, Volaine, Playter, Primrose, Sever

COMMENTS: Thanks again John!!...Great job!!....Our family thanks you!! Cousin Billy.

William J. Andrus:

RESEARCHING: Andrus, Andrews, Stone, Graham, Jacobs

COMMENTS: Small world. In helping a cousin by marrige with her genealogy I got in touch with a cousin of hers who is also the cousin by marriage of one of my first cousins!! (Go ahead, just try to figure that one out!!)

Angela Stone:

RESEARCHING: Andrus, Playter

COMMENTS: Hi cousin John.. great site and well appreciated!..... I am compiling much more info to add shortly to the tree... I noticed a connection by name with Clifford Andrus and Florence/Maude Andrus/John Playter... Are they Cliff's parents?

William J. Andrus:

RESEARCHING: Williams, Clemo, McGillis

COMMENTS: Mary Sexton Williams married to William Clemo. Her parents were Ronald and Isabella (McGillis) Williams. Ronald Williams parents were John and Jane McDonald

Gloria Nagy:

RESEARCHING: Currer, Newman, Skilliter, Sears

COMMENTS: Mr. Kempffer, the site looks great. I have found so much information about my ancestors. It has really instilled the drive to learn about my genealogy. Thanks for the info!

Joe Currer:

RESEARCHING: Alvin Kempffer


Jeannine Cochrane:

RESEARCHING: Dumaresq, De St. Croix, Scott, Enright, Hurley, Brotherton


William S. Rowland:


COMMENTS: Thanks for the information. Now I know who my distant cousins are.

Michelle Templeton:


COMMENTS: The site looks great dad! Long overdue marriage.... do you mean that 14 years of dating is a long time? :) Can't wait to change that horrible picture!!

Candace Currer:


COMMENTS: I am trying to find out where James Delaney was born and when. He married Eleanor Caldwell in New Carilise in 1824

Len Denaney:

RESEARCHING: Glodowicz (Glodovitz)

COMMENTS: Thanks for the info. Now I've seen distant cousins in Canada

Terri Ozols:

RESEARCHING: Wasn't, just happened to come across site.

COMMENTS: This freaked me out. I typed my name in just to see what would happen.... I found this. Just wanted to let you know I saw it. Courtney.

Courtney Vallentina Gauvreau:


COMMENTS: Very nice site. Information is wonderful!

Chandra Alseth:


COMMENTS: It's nice to see where you came from

Samantha Andrus:

RESEARCHING: Playter, Bond, Pearson, Foster, Karr (Carr), Gould, Harrison, McCourt

COMMENTS: Stumbled on your site via your tiny Playter connection. You have an excellent site! I would hope that my research will someday take me to the point that I could put something like this together.

Steve Playter:


COMMENTS: Looks like we are related sort of, my father is Raymond L. Chedore

Joanne Chedore:

RESEARCHING: Samuel McClenny


Marvin EdwardMcCenney:

RESEARCHING: Whyte and Stark

COMMENTS: Nice to find you

Dave Whyte:


COMMENTS: Want to know why Robert Flowers is shown as born in New Jersey - very unlikely.

Bernice Marsden nee Flowers:


COMMENTS: Allen Law 1788-1868 was my gggrandfather

Bruce Law:

RESEARCHING: Eaglestone, Marquette, Henderson, Reid

COMMENTS: Great site, thanks for your hard work. Finally found elusive Eaglestone info!

Adam Eaglestone:

RESEARCHING: My Father is Harvey Morton

COMMENTS: I had no idea I had this kind of family history thanks

Joel Morton:

RESEARCHING: Kempffer, Olmstead, Limbrick

COMMENTS: Great Fun.. and a lot of work that is greatly appreciated.......PatK

Patricia Kempffer (Mrs. Calvin):

RESEARCHING: Aheir, Beebe, Brotherton, Chatterton, Chedore, Flowers, Secord

COMMENTS: Excellent site and thank you so much for sharing your information with all of us.

Susan Sylke: