Thanks for the visit. The following information will, hopefully, make it a little easier for you to find your way around. I have only added my sources for some of the information listed; there will be more over time. If you find that you do not agree with what is here, let's talk! Believe it or not I have made mistakes in the past and it is very likely that there are more than a few on these pages. So please, correct me. Anything without a source attached should be looked on as the truth as I have interpreted it from the data collected over the many years.

The majority of information on this site is in the form of family pages. Each page can have either the husband or the wife listed at the top. This has nothing to do with equality of the sexes but is rather just the way that the whole thing seemed to unfold as I built the pages. As a family page was finished a new page was created for each child. The place of honor at the top assigned by convenience instead of gender. This might cause some confusion if you are expecting to see a traditional family page ordered husband, wife and then children. Husbands and Wives names that have links should lead back to their parents and children that have links should lead to their marriages. That was the plan, if you find some bad or mixed up links please take the time to send me an email so that I can remedy the situation.

The index pages are sorted by last name, first name. A link from the name should lead to that person's family of birth and if there is "Marriage" after the name that will lead to the family that person formed after marriage. In some cases you will see "Partner" after a name and will reveal children whose parents may or may not have been married to each other. Other times you will see "Son" or "Daughter" after a name. These links will take you to the that persons son or daughter's family and usually means I only have that persons name and little else.

You will find graphics on most pages that can be clicked on:

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Leads to more information about a person.
Just like that! Have a nice day. Does not lead anywhere but if you point and
wait will reveal the source of the information.

That's about it, have a look around and have fun!