What's New on the Kempffer Website?


July 18, 2008 - Stopped by the Kempffer House on our return from an east coast vacation. The volunteer's are still working on the finnishing touches on the interior. I was very impressed by the quality of the restoration.

May 9, 2008 - Youngest daughter Kimberlee got married today to Michael Beatty. The whole family plus friends flew to Playa Pesquero, Cuba. The wedding took place on the beach. It was a week long celibration that was enjoyed by all. However there are a few blank spots... all inclusive .... open bar ..... you understand.


September 18, 2006 - It was announced in New Carlisle by Nathalie Normandeau, Minister of Municipal Affairs, that a FIMR grant of $341, 942 was approved for the restoration of the Kempffer House. The house built in 1868 will become a "gathering place for culture, hertiage and tourism and will enhance New Carlisle's attractions"

March 30, 2006 - It's been a while since anything interesting has been added to the site. Today I would like to introduce #1 grandson Mason John Hastie Currer. He arrived just before midnight today. He was 7 lbs 9 oz, has all his fingers and toes and is cute as a button. Candace and Michael are proud and happy. Only problem now is Grandma "wants one too"

January 18, 2005 - "Bud" Astles formerly of New Carlisle visited the site and provided me with a great deal of help in correcting and updating information on the families from the Gaspé area. Thanks a million Bud.

December 26, 2004 - Added a couple of pages for the Currer family, Michael's parents and brother. More to come in the future as the information is collected.

November 19, 2004 - The Kempffer House in New Carlisle was moved to it's new location a few hundred yards up the street near the heritage restaurant. Phase two is now underway, restoration of the exterior & interior.

November 5, 2004 - The long overdue marriage of our oldest daughter Candace occured today. New son-in-law Michael Currer and his bride are off for a week of R&R in the sun. The proud parents couldn't be happier.


August 2004 - Visited New Carlisle, Quebec on vacation. The plan to move the old Kempffer house about 50 meters up the main street of New Carlisle where it will be turned into a Cultural Interpretation Center are still in progress. About half the money required for the move has been raised so far. The current building was constructed in the 1860's on the site of the original Kempffer home which was built about 80 years earlier the 1780's and was distroyed by fire.

The Kempffer house August, 2004

June 30, 2004 - I retired today after 39 years with Ontario Power Genertion. It was called Ontario Hydro for most of my time there. I will miss all the friends I made over the years, the job, not so much.

June 17, 2004 - Cousin Adam Eaglestone has been busy the last few months. With the new information he just shared the Eaglestone and Slade lines have expanded by one generation. Way to go Adam!

April 4, 2004 - Contacted by 2nd cousin Adam Eaglestone from Portland, OR. With his information I have been able to add a few new branches to the Eaglestone tree.

March 28, 2004 - A few new additions and some corrections. "Home" and "Links" pages modified.

December 7, 2003 - Finally have the Guestbook up and running. Only a very simple one so far that I plan to replace "sometime" in the future. Also added about 400 or so new people while cleaning up more of those loose ends.

November 6, 2003 - Cousin Art Gauthier's pages updated and added to. Thanks Art for the nice package of information that you sent to me.

October, 2003 - Added a few pages to Susan Sylke's (nee Picchione) branch of the tree. Susan is a long time correspondent and the source of a great deal of valuable information.

February 24, 2003 - Cousin Dora Rose Volaine found the website and sent a bunch of new information about her branch of the tree. She also sent a really neat picture of our grandparents when they were first married.

January 23, 2003 - Another 118 people added. Cleaning up loose ends in the "B" index.

December 31, 2002 - Updated "Hilobuk" line with new information supplied by my nephew Jason after the tragic death of his Father Anitole earlier this year.

December 23, 2002 - Tidied up the "A" index and ended up adding 192 more people.

December 18, 2002 - Added 6 new family members to the "Kempffer" line. Thanks to yet another new cousin Timothy J. Kempffer.

December 17, 2002 - Added 13 new family members to the "Morton" line. Thanks to new cousin (to me) Bradley Morton who found the Website and contacted me. Also added the dates of passing for Aunt Dorothy Fram (nee Moss) and an Uncle Earl Moss who we lost in the last few months.

December 12, 2002 - Added 53 new family members into the "Cruse" and "Bennett"
lines. Thanks to Mary Jane DeVault for information shared.

July 30th, 2002 - Update to several "Hall" family pages.

July 8th, 2002 - This page was added. The Email links on the title page were repaired (Thanks Bill Flowers). Another 45 souls added and about a dozen more family pages. Links updated on a bunch of index pages.